by Warner Todd Huston | August 27, 2016 2:49 pm

With attacks by Muslims on the rise every week in western nations from Germany, to France and the U.S. and more, one has to wonder what would be happening in the media if hundreds of attacks like these were being perpetrated by Christians? What do you think the media would be doing right now?

Yeah, I doubt you have to guess.

If we can’t identify the problem for what it is, how do we even begin to tackle it?

As Allen West asks[3]:

If we cannot find leaders who are willing to identify and confront this clear and present danger, this cancerous scourge, then we are dooming ourselves today…our future generations tomorrow. This is not about fear-mongering. This is about accepting a reality and ending the insidious ideological and political policy of obfuscation, denial and outright lying.

Why are we saying this over and over again while our “leaders” twiddle their thumbs, tsk at us for being politically incorrect, and allow enemies to ruin our way of life and kill us off one by one?

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