Maureen Dowd On Bush, “WAHHHHHH!”

Maureen Dowd On Bush, “WAHHHHHH!” Maureen Dowd’s latest column is almost devoid of anything other than pure venom and hatred for George Bush. There’s no real point, no message, nothing she’s trying to get across other than, “I loathe George Bush.” Let me post the beginning of Dowd’s editorial so you can see what I mean…

“WASHINGTON – The Boy Emperor picked up the morning paper and, stunned, dropped his Juicy Juice box with the little straw attached.

“Oh, man,” he wailed. “North Korea’s got nukes. Sheriff Musharraf was helping them. Al Qaeda’s blowing stuff up again. The Pentagon’s speculating that the sniper might really be Qaeda decoy teams trying to distract the law while they plan a bio-blitzkrieg or a dirty bomb attack on the capital. Tenet’s broken out in hives about the next 9/11. Powell spends all his time kissing up to the Frenchies. Saddam’s ranting about a river of American blood. Jebbie’s in a world of hurt. The economy’s cratering. At least Karl says our war strategy will open up a can of Election Day whoop on Congressional Democrats.

“This is not the way my new doctrine was supposed to work. We are supposed to decide who we pre-empt and when we pre-empt them. The speechwriters called it an Axis of Evil, but it was really just a Spoke of Evil. Condi and Rummy said once we finished off Saddam, nobody would mess with America again. But everything’s gotten fuzzier than fuzzy math. Some people are actually talking about my doctrine leading to World War III!!! Karl says that would be bad.”

Dowd’s caustic rant, temper tantrum, hysterical fit, or whatever you want to call Dowd’s screed goes on throughout the entire piece. Keep in mind that the person writing this bizarre piece is one of the left’s most respected columnists, a woman who has been rewarded with a regular column at the New York Times. I wonder if the same people on the left who think that Coulter is “mean” will come down on Dowd as well? Even though Coulter is vicious, she at least has ideas that she’s trying to promote or get across in her articles. This piece by Dowd has no more substance to it than a child kicking and screaming on the floor of a department store threatening to hold her breath, “until she turns blue” unless her mother buys her a Barbie. Is vitriol alone enough to make a column worth writing & publishing on the left? Apparently so…

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