MAX STUPIDITY Reached: High School Bans The Word “WHITE” From Cheers

MAX STUPIDITY Reached: High School Bans The Word “WHITE” From Cheers


Imagine a world where people are so caught up in being politically correct that they allow their students to be taught unhealthy standards…. such as not being allowed to use the word “white.”

Because, people, that is our world.



At a High School in Connecticut, the students are no longer allowed to do any cheers that include the word “white.” Because…. racism.

The school’s colors are blue and…. wait for it… white. And apparently that is terribly offensive to these school officials. Like schools EVERYWHERE they would alternate between white outs and blue outs where the entire students section dressed in one color. And apparently this is just not okay. Because what if the children think their school color of white is better than other colors? And heaven forbid, what if they think that they are better than others and eventually start to think white jerseys AND white people are better.

Can I just say this has to be ridiculous?? Are they going to ban snow as well, because heaven forbid we allow white stuff to cover our cities?

This is not about race… or at least it wasn’t until they made it about race. Is it possible that they just created a race issue all on their own? Just like most of our nation’s “race problems,” they were created by people who claim to be horrified by racism. These problems are ridiculous.

Imagine the horror if someone decided to disallow chants that included the word “black” in them. This double standard is ridiculous and it needs to stop.

WFSB 3 Connecticut

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