Media Elites Get SLAMMED After Flagrantly Insulting the Trump Administration

by Just An American | November 16, 2016 3:37 pm

Do you see what is happening? Logic, truth and keeping it real is making a COME BACK! The media who has in recent years proven to lead us nothing but astray with their carefully built stories, half truths or full on lies, and now… KARMA IS HERE TO RIP THEM A NEW ONE![1]


My fellow Americans, grab the popcorn, watch what happens to the bad, when good takes the White House.

Donald Trump wanted to enjoy a nice steak dinner at a Midtown Manhattan restaurant. So he did and he sat there to enjoy every last savoring bite of it. As he was enjoying his meal…not too far off, imagine the news media.

A hostile bunch, angry that they weren’t given a heads up nor access to this ‘steak dinner’ of the President-elect’s.

Their ticket to stirring the pot has been REJECTED! Denied…SHUT DOWN! Trump is not going to play into their game of Monopoly, not when he owns the entire board.

It’s a beautiful thing my friends, a beautiful, beautiful thing.

Media was stood up at a press conference so that Donald Trump could be present at this fine dinner of his. Needless to say…they were ticked. Imagine smoke fuming out of their ears…and times that by 10 fold.

Now just for fun, let’s go over some of their reactions. Did you get that popcorn yet?

It was “not a normal situation,” they said. NBC News went so far as to call Trump’s ‘travesty’ a “lack of transparency.”

Before we continue with further examples of media hysteria, this Twitter user couldn’t resist a play on the “lack of transparency” thing.

One of CNN’s resident Trump bashers, Brian Stelter, couldn’t believe it.

CBS News’s Steven Portnoy was concerned with the media’s lack of ability to deliver “accurate info” on Trump to the American people.

Now let us hear from some of our own… you know, people with logic.

Even Vox’s left-wing blogger Matthew Yglesias thought the hysteria over Trump’s night out for a steak was much ado about nothing.

Trump is making a statement to the media… I don’t need you, I can speak for myself. Of course, he can’t do this alone, we have to support our President-elect as well in his endeavor to keep things real and open and bring common sense back into our country with open arms.

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