Media Fraud in Progress: ABC News Report on Jonathan Gruber: He’s just an MIT Professor

abc newsIn this report titled How Little-Known MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber Shook Up Washington This Week ABC News very slickly separates Jonathan Gruber from Democrats who deceived the American people in the way they went about passing ObamaCare.

Even though ABC provides links to videos of Gruber and what he says ABC doesn’t tie him with Democrats as one in the same. It’s as if he’s an island by himself and ABC’s coverage of him allows Democrats a way to claim they don’t know the guy.

ABC News was all in with the passage of ObamaCare. They didn’t report what was known during the debate prior to its passage and how the numbers didn’t add up.

The story is not just Jonathan Gruber!

This real story is Jonathan Gruber is Nancy Pelosi, is Barack Obama, is Harry Reid and the entire Democrat party who in concert passed a law with deceit and false promises.
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Originally posted The Last Tradition

Samuel Gonzalez

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