The Media Says Americans Reject Trump – New Survey SILENCES Them

The Media Says Americans Reject Trump – New Survey SILENCES Them

The media says Americans are rejecting Trump. The media can go slap themselves.


If Americans chose to reject Trump, he wouldn’t have been voted into the White House in the first place. I cannot say that I’ve ever been so embarrassed for people as I am for the maniac liberals and media out there talking out of their butts.

Under Obama’s America, we’ve been silenced. We couldn’t speak without being called a racist. We couldn’t share ‘truths’ without being bombarded with hissy fits and full on uncontrollable tantrums.

All communication when it came to logic and truth were shut down and hidden from the public because of liberal mania. We couldn’t even start a debate or intellectual conversation and reason to find common ground or fix miscommunication.

It was either their way, or no way…and Republicans AND Democrats alike were labeled all sorts of horrific names.

When a person who is NOT a racist, or homophobic, or all those other names liberals and media have shouted out at the top of their lungs, and yet that person is called one…it gets tiring. Why would we vote for the very person who would keep things going this way?

If truth cannot be spoken of, if logic is not allowed, it is madness. This is a state in which many Republicans and Democrats do not wish upon our country or themselves.

So what happened? When Americans walked into the voting booth….there was no one ready to shut them down, no one ready to label them a racist when they were not.

They were able to speak their heart, their conscience and their hope for America.

Donald Trump is that hope.

No matter what the media says…the good thing about truth is, it is still truth, even when no one wants to believe it.

Here’s the truth:


America has chosen her President. There are 100’s on the streets in different cities protesting him. However, there are millions supporting him that don’t have the media backing them. Mainstream media backs the wrong side of history.

Pay no attention. You know who our President is, they cannot change it no matter what kind of tantrum they throw. Stick to the truth.

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