Media-Vetting DataBase Being Created.

A new site is being put together by a colleague of Ace of Spades to keep track of reporters who do not fact-check their stories adequately, who display undue bias, or who go after less-newsworthy targets (e.g., Jodi Kantor serving up warmed-over gossip about Cindy McCain as “news”).

The project is very likely too late to affect this election, and is most certainly not soliciting funds. (“Give to the McCain campaign, or to a 527,” it recommends right now.) But it will provide an invaluable resource in the years ahead, so we can keep track of the most aggressive purveyors of slime against people such as the Palin family, and (most egregiously, of course), Joe the Plumber.

After the election the project will be needing researchers, data-entry people, and writers.

In retrospect, we’ve needed a mediapedia for a long time, and it’s exciting to see this finally happening.

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