Meet the ‘Mistress Killer.’ She gets paid by wives to beat their husband’s mistresses publicly [VIDEO]

Meet the ‘Mistress Killer.’ She gets paid by wives to beat their husband’s mistresses publicly [VIDEO]


So, bottom line: this lady is seriously crazy. Hell truly hath no wrath like a woman scorned.

Almost thirty years ago, this woman’s husband left her. He had been having an affair and he decided that he was going to leave her to be with his mistress. The wife, Zhang, was hysterical. She went after the mistress and lost it. She admits to beating the woman up, but was never held responsible for the violence. From there things escalated.

Today, she has made revenge and retribution a way of life and a business. She is a private eye. Every single week, hundreds of women call in and ask her and her team to look into their husband’s actions. The goal is to discover if they are cheating on their spouses with a mistress. Once they know that, the goal is to find the mistress and confront her. The preferable way to confront is publicly and violently.

Zhang explains that the police always look the other way and allow her and her team to humiliate the woman. Even when they have been present, police have turned a blind eye to the humiliation these women experience.

Zhang said: “We beat the woman into the middle of the street, causing a traffic jam. There were lots of people standing there, watching us beat the woman.

“The police officer told me that he ‘didn’t see what’s happening.’ When I heard this, I knew it’s OK. So I kept beating the mistress.”

Do think this is okay or even commendable? In my opinion, it is ridiculous. What ever happened to communication and taking the higher road? But this woman is not taking garbage from anyone. Make sure you do not get on her bad side. She will find you.

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