Meet The Paralympian Who Plans To Win Gold Then Take Her Own Life Because Of Agonizing Disease

by Greg Campbell | September 6, 2016 7:22 pm

Assisted suicide is understandably a very controversial topic. While most believe that suicide is not the answer to life’s problems, few who espouse such ideas have endured fatal, horrifically-painful diseases.

In this view, assisted suicide cannot rightfully be lumped-in with the tragedy of suicide committed for other reasons.

One woman who is joining this global conversation is Marieke Vervoot, 37, a Belgian athlete who resides in a wheelchair thanks to an incurable spinal degenerative disease.

Despite her condition, however, Vervoot won gold in the 100m sprint and silver in the 200m at the 2012 Paralympics. She says that she intends to win gold in Rio and then possibly commit suicide.[2]

The Rio Paralympics begins on Wednesday and Vervoot has declared that this will be her last. As her condition is getting worse, she has also revealed that she is considering euthanasia after the event.

“I have a bucket list, including stunt flying, and I have started thinking about euthanasia,” the Belgian athlete stated.

“Everybody sees me laugh with my gold medal, but no one sees the dark side.”

“I suffer greatly, sometimes sleeping only ten minutes a night – and still go for the gold. Rio is my last wish.”

Many agree that suicide is a permanent solution to what are often transient problems.

However, few understand the pain some go through and the indignities that come with degenerative diseases.

In this battle, there is no absolute “right” or “wrong,” but merely personal convictions.

May God grant Vervoot strength and reprieves from pain.

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