Meet the stranger who spearheaded THIS huge fund to support family of slain Berlin terror victim.

Meet the stranger who spearheaded THIS huge fund to support family of slain Berlin terror victim.


We all know the tragedy and the horror of the terrorist attack in Berlin. But many of us have missed hearing about one of the victims, the driver of the truck that was stolen to be used as a weapon in the crowds of the Christmas celebration. He was killed before the truck was stolen and used for terrible purposes.

But one man recognized the tragedy of this man’s death and decided something needed to be done. He realized that one of the biggest victims of the attacks are the families of the victims and most specifically, the family of the first victim. The driver’s wife talks about how she expected him home soon to help prepare the home for Christmas for the family.

This man decided to create a GoFundMe account for the family of this victim and the success has been humbling to say the least. The goal was to raise $12,000. Miraculously he far exceeded that goal and raised nearly $200,000. You can contribute here at this website.

Dave Duncan, the man raising the money, made a comment five days ago regarding that.

I am happy to say that we have reached and surpassed the intended target and I want to thank everybody who has donated. I have made contact with Lucasz’s company and hopefully all your kindness and generous donations will get to Lucasz’s wife sooner rather than later. For every negative comment I have had 100’s of positive ones and am overwhelmed by peoples kindness. I just hope Lucasz’s family will, in THEIR time, read all the messages of support and disregard the negativity. Nobody is forcing anybody to contribute, and in my opinion, if you haven’t contributed, then why try stop others from doing so? Thanks again and will update with news as and when it happens.

Even in tragedy, good things are happening.


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