Megyn Kelly Gets BAD News… Should Fox News Fire Her?

Megyn Kelly Gets BAD News… Should Fox News Fire Her?

It appears September wasn’t a very good month for Megyn Kelly and her show “The Kelly File”. Although Kelly had won the demo for the third quarter of 2016 which includes September…it looks as though Hannity might be the actual winner here.


“Hannity” averaged 525,000 demo viewers, which tops his lead-in on “The Kelly File” by about 22,000 viewers per night. He has literally surged recently and that’s due a lot to the numerous and EXCLUSIVE interviews with Republican Presidential nominee, Donald Trump.

Poor Ms. Kelly, needs to make some changes if she wants to remain competition for other anchors. With “Hannity” and “The Kelly File” and “The O’Reilly Factor” taking the top 3 spots for Fox’s prime time…it’s going to be a tough game for her to keep her spot going into the elections.

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In fact with “Hannity” leading the way, Fox New Channel actually has SEVEN of the Top 10 programs on cable news for the month of September.


We all know for the most part that Hannity has been criticized by the liberal media watchdogs and even by Republicans for his well known chummy relationship and support for the GOP presidential candidate, Donald Trump.

However, Hannity is always the first to tell these same critics that he’s not a journalist. He states that what his program is based on is HIS opinion.

So basically, their argument falls flat…

As for Kelly, well… her relationship with Trump is also very well known about. To be who she is and to have the influence she has on those that watch her segment on Fox… could be the very reason why she’s starting to drop in ratings a bit when compared to “Hannity.”

At this point, continuing to badger and look for reasons to call out Trump on, is only seen as efforts to put Hillary Clinton into office.

It won’t be easy to find a Republican okay with that, no matter how much they dislike Trump. Even if you feel like you have to pick your poison when it comes to this election…

You still have to get over the upset of it and pick the least potent.

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