Megyn Kelly Gets BAD News After Running Mouth About Trump

Megyn Kelly Gets BAD News After Running Mouth About Trump

Taxes… the word alone gives me a headache. However, at this current time that seems to be the word of the day! Especially when it comes to Trump.


Donald Trump’s 1995 tax return has been ‘illegally obtained’ and according to the forms, he had declared a loss of $916 million in that year. So naturally, Trump haters are pining to get that information out and sweeping across the nation like a plague.

Everyone who hates Trump is jumping on this fool’s train like there was no tomorrow and doing their best to keep it refreshed in the news. Including none other than Megyn Kelly.

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Yes, I know… SHOCKING, right? No…

What we have learned so far is that apparently due to the complex tax code, Donald Trump was allowed ‘LEGALLY’ to avoid paying federal taxes for the next 18 years. What a dream.

However, for Megyn Kelly it is appalling. She’s claiming that all Trump did was ‘screw the little guy…’

The woman totally unloaded on Trump and his tax returns, claiming that his business practices were built around screwing the little guy. Now, that’s some very hash words, even for someone you dislike…especially when they are in a presidential campaign trying to beat out SATAN for the White House.

However, she did have pro-Trump guests nearby during her show ‘The Kelly File’ to explain the ‘why’ …. to keep things fair.

“What kind of brilliant businessman has losses like that?” Kelly asked, paraphrasing arguments that Hillary Clinton has been making against Trump. “He may have ended up okay but he screwed the little guy, those contractors and so on that didn’t get paid and the stockholders who got paid out pennies on the dollar.”

What seems odd to me about this whole thing is…even she, herself admitted that his actions were PERFECTLY legal. Yet, it is this story about his taxes that is dominating headlines.

Hillary has been in the news just as severely for doing far more and far worse… allegedly, illegally.

So, how is this story maxing out at the same level of severity as Trump’s LEGAL actions?

Just saying…

Here are some reactions…

Let’s just be clear on one thing here..

A Hillary-Clinton endorsing newspaper, The New York Times…is the source that released this news ILLEGALLY.

Sometimes…perspective is everything.

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