Megyn Kelly Goes After ‘Bully’ Trump in New Tell-All

Megyn Kelly Goes After ‘Bully’ Trump in New Tell-All

Ruthless woman. Anything to add drama to her book…after this election she should be sending a ‘thank you’ card to Trump for making her that much more famous. Good or bad attention is still attention in Kelly’s line of work, so I’m sure she wouldn’t be where she is without him right now.

…ouch, that was rough. Said it anyway.


Kelly’s new ‘memoir’, “Settle for More” describes in her words how an unexpectedly anxious Donald Trump was complaining to Fox News executives last year about what she would do as a moderator of the debate. She states that Trump called into Fox “in an attempt to rein me in” asking her about her questions and letting him know he knew that her first question was a very pointed one directed at him.

She leaves the reader to think when she asks, “How could he know?” Eluding to the idea that some favors were passed along to the now President-elect.

Of course, it was obvious that Megyn Kelly did not like Trump very much, so we all expected she’d have pointed questions for him to answer. That’s no secret…so her, “How could he know?” could be answered with, “Because you’re a witch.”

Just saying…

Her book is full of digs at Donald Trump the new President-elect and she does not seem to be lightening up at all with her attack on him since his win. One has to ask…where does she think she is going with this? Exactly what is it that will make her happy when it comes to Trump?

Whatever’s next between Kelly and Trump, she isn’t planning on backing down anytime soon and her numbers are still up there and making her one of the most popular on the network second to only 1 other. You can hear the confidence she has in that when she speaks…

“I have a big mic, and I was established. He couldn’t really destroy me,” she said, “but think about the message that was sent to other journalists thinking about covering him skeptically. Perhaps they just don’t want to spend a year being bullied.”

To read more on her hate/hate relationship with Trump CLICK HERE:


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