Megyn Kelly: If You Don’t Riot, Protest or Burn Anything You Get Ignored By This White House

by John Brodgian | July 14, 2015 8:04 am

This Administration has curious standards as to what funerals under what circumstances they send officials to.  Actually, it’s not curious.  They send people when they can politicize it in their favor.  Megyn Kelly is having none of it[1]…


They didn’t riot. They didn’t protest in the street. They didn’t burn anything. That, in other cases has gotten the White House’s attention. And, it’s as if, if you take a civilized route. If you take the respectful, quiet, sad but objectioning route, you get ignored. I mean, there are people in the country who are angry enough over this case to riot, to burn something, to protest, but they’re not doing that. And the message the White House seems to be sending is, therefore you will be ignored.

Watch the video below. Is she right?

  1. is having none of it:
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