Megyn Kelly LOSES IT Over Trump Victory on Live TV [VIDEO]

Megyn Kelly LOSES IT Over Trump Victory on Live TV [VIDEO]

Oh, Megyn Kelly…the hole you have dug is enough for 3 of you to crawl into and yet you continue to dig. Last night, Trump becoming our elect President of course was not what Megyn Kelly was hoping would happen.


All along she’s been saying picking the lesser evil is still evil. However, what we should have been telling ourselves all along is pick the greater good. Although in both ways of thinking, Hillary loses and Trump wins.

So, all that’s left for Kelly to do now is build a bridge and get over it.

However, after her snooty behavior last night on LIVE TV, it does not seem like the lady will be opting for the high road at this point nor building any sort of bridge.

Last night Pro-Trump, Eric Bolling was talking about how he called the election and other things correctly, like it was a game of pool and he had called the play from beginning all the way to the 8 ball getting bagged in the corner pocket. Which, truth be told…he sort of did and although it might have come off as bragging, he was just super excited he had called it and was being verbal about it.

He’s human.

However, his little rant on it didn’t go over well with Megyn Kelly, she had to have the last word. So she did.

As Bolling discussed this historic election result right there live on the air, the male host boasted: ‘Brexit, the Cubs, Donald Trump, all underdogs. No one saw it coming. I called all three of those.’

In response to that, his co-host for the evening, Greg Gutfeld, had to put in a poke himself. ‘Can we bring up the ones you didn’t call?’

Bolling wasn’t going to back down though and followed up real quick with his response:

‘Greg, I’ve been here since day one, my friend. I’ve called every single one of these through the primaries.’

To which Megyn Kelly decided to respond…with a sharp statement that Bolling actually quite gracefully recovered from.

‘It’s not about you,‘ Megyn Kelly, who had a number of high-profile spats with Trump during the election race, snapped back impatiently.

The video gets cut off at that point, however we have the remaining dialogue right here for you:

‘It is not about me, you’re 100% right,’ he replied. ‘However it’s about the country, the country has spoken and I do push back on the insider versus the outsider.

‘He’s the outsider and that’s what they are ready for.’

Later on the same night, he did push a tweet out that paints a better picture of where he was going with his statement before he was so rudely interrupted.


I personally find it, pretty hilarious. There are going to be a lot of celebrities, comedians and politicians who will have some questions to face regarding their “threat” to leave the country.

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