Megyn Kelly Makes INFURIATING Statement About Trump VS. Clinton’s Sexual Assault Accusers

Megyn Kelly Makes INFURIATING Statement About Trump VS. Clinton’s Sexual Assault Accusers

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Surprise! Surprise! Megyn Kelly has something more to say about Trump’s sexual accusers! That’s nothing unexpected coming from her direction. However, she outdoes her usual self this time by becoming a total hypocrite.

Here is a video that provides two different instances of Kelly speaking about sexual assault. The first is about Bill Clinton and what his accusers have said and done. The second being about Donald Trump and what HIS accusers have said and done.

You will find as you watch that there is an overlay of hypocrisy that takes over. To the point where, her being credible starts to crumble away, because she just seems to push the stories in the direction that works best for the agenda she is trying to put on blast.

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That agenda being…she hates Trump and everyone else should too.

Megyn Kelly blatantly defends Bill Clinton against his accusers because they had come out and said that they were not abused after the initial reporting…then 21 years later released details of the sexual attack and changed their claim.

Kelly states that there is something wrong with that because why would they change their mind and come back later to claim that he did in fact sexually attack them.

To which the reply was along the lines of … that is what happens with victims and often. They are embarrassed, or they blame themselves, or they convince themselves it didn’t happen, or worse…they are just too scared to come forward with the truth after all because they fear retaliation.

Well that was the conversation about Bill Clinton.

You will find the next conversation about Donald Trump COMPLETELY contradicts her earlier claim…and she ends up making herself look like a total bobble head in human form.

I’m curious to hear what you think about this…

Watch the video HERE

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