[MEME] If Democrats Were Capable Of Being Honest, These Would Be Their TOP 10 Slogans!

by McIntosh | June 30, 2016 4:14 am

The Democratic Party: consistently working to demolish America for decades. Now here is their next move in their strategy of autocratic oppression. It’s going to hurt taxpayers[1], count on that.

top-10-democrat-slogans (1)[2]

Robert Gehl reports that Democrats are plotting to take over the Federal Election Commission to target conservatives, legal experts warn.

One Democratic commissioner is well on her way to turning the bi-partisan group into a tool for liberal witch-hunts, analysts say.

“They want to take it back to the days when they loved it, when the GOP commissioners were essentially docile and at least one could always be counted on to vote with the Democratic commissioners to give the Democrats whatever they wanted, and when the agency employed people like [former IRS nonprofit head] Lois Lerner,” Cleta Mitchell, a Republican attorney who specializes in campaign finance law, told the Washington Examiner on Monday.

Various proposals from Senate Democrats amount to fundamentally transforming the agency. Back in March, Sen. Tom Udall (D-N.M.) proposed legislation that would terminate the agency, replacing it with a partisan version – one he claimed would be “less divided.”

“Gridlock leaves the agency powerless to enforce the few campaign finance laws remaining on the books,” Udall said. “We need a new agency empowered to ensure our elections are fair and democratic.”

The Federal Election Commission (FEC) is made up of three Republicans and three Democrats and is notorious for its partisan bickering – accomplishing little to nothing most years.

Democrat Ann Ravel is the FEC member trying to fundamentally transform the commission from the inside. She was chairwoman last year and spent much of her time fiercely criticizing her Republican members.

Ravel’s frustration culminated with a call in January for the other commissioners to quit, arguing it was “absurd” to say “the FEC was intended to stalemate.”

Conservatives charge Ravel is politicizing the agency. White House visitor logs made public last month revealed that Ravel visited the White House at nearly the same time, first on Jan. 20 and again on Jan. 28. Consequently, critics are worried about the role Ravel seems to play in proposals to renovate the commission.

Ravel, who formerly led California’s Fair Political Practices Commission, a state-level equivalent to the FEC, has been especially vocal in her frustration on two topics. One is the commission’s refusal to hit GOP groups with penalties for alleged enforcement violations.

The second is the question of whether the agency’s regulatory authority should be expanded to cover content on the Web. The agency has deadlocked several times over the last year on questions of whether to expand its regulatory power to websites like the Drudge Report and Twitter.

A former FEC commissioner under President Bush said Ravel is attempting a power grab.

“It would allow one political party to impose interpretations of the law and regulations that only benefit one side of the political aisle or that violate constitutional rights — like Commissioner Ravel’s heedless desire to override fundamental First Amendment rights by restricting political speech on the Internet,” said Hans von Spakovsky.

“The FPPC rides roughshod over and tramples the First Amendment rights of citizens on a regular basis,” Cleta Mitchell, a Republican attorney who specializes in campaign finance law, told the Washington Examiner.

She said that adding that the proposed changes would allow the FEC to act as “a tyrannical, overreaching agency that ignores the First Amendment rights of the American people.”

This is all quite confusing to me. All I took from this is that once again, the politicians want to create another government agency, in hopes a solving a problem they perceive to exist. Whether it does or not, when are we going to get the clue that whatever government proposes, will most assuredly negatively effect us normal folk.

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