This meme Exposes The RIDICULOUS Way Idiot Liberals Protest

by McIntosh | November 16, 2016 12:29 am

Portland has been getting the brunt of the protest/riot coverage it seems, with much of the violence and property damage coming from those hipster socialists. What’s really just bizarre is that they have been chanting “Peaceful Protest! Peaceful Protest!” and at the same time members of a riot attacked a passing motorist in what is a perfect example of both liberal hypocrisy and the dangers of unbridled, Marxist fascism.


Officially, we shouldn’t be referring to this Portland protest as a protest. The local law enforcement have come out and upgraded the “Anti-Trump” rallies[2] from a “demonstration” to a “riot” and here’s an example of precisely why that is so:

…real tough in your skinny jeans, kids.

Marching down the street, rioters took the liberty in using the baseball bats they were carrying to smash car windows at a local dealership. Why? The usual. These criminals are useful tools, grown for the progressive state by way of public schools and college professors.


The Oregonian reports that the rioters refused to comply with the orders of law enforcement to disperse, so the riot police were forced to use flash-bangs, rubber bullets and tear gas to break up these punks.

Jim Ryan, a local reporter with The Oregonian[8] described some of the events in Portland:

‘Tensions flared at times between protesters and motorists, with police tweeting they received reports of “vandalism and aggressive behavior” in the protest crowd. Altercations included a motorist’s windshield being cracked while she tried to navigate through protesters, saying she needed to tend to an emergency.’

So this is the response from the left when they lose, as many of them are just used to lashing out when they don’t receive a participation trophy. Violence, mayhem, riots, destruction of property…now that’s the calling card of the radical left.

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