Miami Lets Colin Kaepernick Know Just How They Feel About His Love For Castro [VIDEO]

Miami Lets Colin Kaepernick Know Just How They Feel About His Love For Castro [VIDEO]

A belligerent greeting was expected for the Quarterback in Miami and that’s exactly what he got.


The crowd of Miami Dolphin fans ‘greeted’ San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick when he ran out onto the field for the start of Sunday’s game against the Dolphins at Hard Rock Stadium.

Even before the 49ers took to the field to start the game, fans loudly jeered and booed Kaepernick, who during a conference call this last Wednesday made remarks praising Fidel Castro… Yes, that same former Cuban president who ended up dying two days later.

This all went down after Miami Herald columnist Armando Salguero questioned Kaepernick why he chose to wear a T-shirt to a post-game news conference that portrayed several images, most notably one of Castro meeting with Malcolm X. One among many of Kaepernick’s utterly dopey comments was his approval for Cuba’s literacy rate during Castro’s regime.

Castro. Yes, that Castro. The dictator.

Kaepernick started into his usual warm-up routine on the field two hours before Sunday’s game with the stands being so barren, it’s embarrassing.

But during the opening plays of the 49ers’ first drive, the bulk of the fans in attendance verbalized their dissatisfaction with the quarterback, in spades.

Kaepernick was the trailblazer in the NFL when it came to protesting the pregame playing of the National Anthem as part of what has become a nationwide, yet relatively small, movement protesting police brutality and what the media has painted as the ‘wrongful’ treatment of African-Americans by law enforcement. You know, the ones that are breaking the law…

His protest inspired more athletes in a variety of sports to do the same, some of whom were on Sunday’s opposing team. Exactly four Miami Dolphins: Arian Foster, Michael Thomas, Kenny Stills and Jelani Jenkins — all chose to kneel throughout the anthem in the season-opener Sept. 11 in Seattle.

Jenkins has since given up on his convictions and stands with teammates and Foster is no longer with us… No, he’s just retired.

Thomas and Stills still continue to take a knee, as displayed in Sunday’s game, as did Kaepernick.

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