Michael Moore Attempts To Sneak Into Trump Tower And Demand Donald ‘Step Aside’ After Claiming ‘You Lost’… – VIDEO

Michael Moore Attempts To Sneak Into Trump Tower And Demand Donald ‘Step Aside’ After Claiming ‘You Lost’… – VIDEO

The socialist, Cuban healthcare loving film-maker, Michael Moore, made it to the fourth floor of Manhattan’s Trump Tower in his attempt to take on President-elect Trump and call on him to step down, before he was obstructed by Secret Service agents. Moore had been a vocal critic of Trump during the election and had also predicted that the man would win the election. He joined thousands of his radical protesters in New York on Saturday morning, before he managed to get inside Trump Tower.

After waddling his way into Trump’s Central Park skyscraper, Moore tried to gain access to Trump’s office.

The American-hating film-maker pulled off a scaling of Trump’s famous escalator (no, that’s not a fat joke…although it could be), however he was blocked from going any further by security guards on the fourth floor. Moore was then turned back around and escorted down to the lobby, but not before leaving the President-elect a note.

His note to Trump read, ‘Mr. Trump. I’m here. I want to talk to you’.

Moore then exited the Tower and tweeted his followers: ‘I’m in the middle of thousands – tens of thousands? – of American voters outside Trump Tower demanding he step aside. He got the least votes.

‘I was able to get into Trump Tower & deliver him a message:


“You lost. Step aside.” SS took the note I wrote up & went 2 give it to him.’

Moore used Facebook live to document his journey into Trump Tower.


After exiting the building, he struck up conversations with protesters outside for more than an hour. British politician Nigel Farage arrived at Trump Tower not too long after Moore left and of course he was allowed up to Trump’s office…mostly because he’s not a ridiculous socialist that hates America, Micheal.

I don’t know if Michael Moore knows this…but the reason why Donald Trump IS going to be his new Daddy, um, I mean President, is because his friends on the left (millennials included) were so arrogant of a Hillary landslide victory that they forgot to actually go out and VOTE.

Donald Trump didn’t lose, Michael. You and the left did. Best thing for you to do is deal with it.

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