Michelle Obama women’s cultural tour of Italy and the UK will cost US taxpayers at least $547,000

by John Brodgian | June 20, 2015 10:44 am

Michelle Obama is taking her mother and daughters on a “goodwill tour” of Italy.  On the surface that sounds good, but there are some who are criticizing the price tag.  The trip will cost taxpayers at least $547,000[1], with the amount most likely rising…


That amount includes the cost of flying first lady Michelle Obama, her mother and her two daughters to London, Milan, Vicenza and Venice, and the lodging costs incurred throughout the six-day trip.

It doesn’t including rental vehicles for the first family’s females, their staffers, and their security details.

It also doesn’t include the cost of Secret Service protection and the ‘advance’ trips the White House authorized ahead of time to lay the journey’s groundwork and scout secure locations for the VIPs to visit and stay.

If it does go up to $700,000 as some are predicting, that amounts to over $100,000 for each of the six days. Americans’ median annual household income for 2014 was only $51,939.

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