Michigan woman who lied about being raped is sentenced to a year in jail

Michigan woman who lied about being raped is sentenced to a year in jail

A woman who made up a horrifying story of kidnapping, rape and assault was found guilty for making the whole story up. She claimed to have been kidnapped, gagged, beaten and raped by four black men. But when the truth came out, it seems it was all made up. She had falsely created a story. And while it is not known what led her to create the wild story, she definitely led police officers on a wild goose chase.

She even took selfies of herself tied up and in a dark place, and she then sent them to her boyfriend. It even appears in the pictures like she has blood on her face and has been crying with makeup smeared down her face. Whatever possessed her to come up with this detailed plan has not been figured out. But her boyfriend woke up to a series of terrifying texts and pictures the next morning.

Since then, she has been sentenced to one year in prison. Do you think the penalty is too tough? Because I happen to find myself exactly on the side of the law on this one. Every year women are sexually assaulted and raped. But these same women are often too scared to come forward. Why? Because there is a large chance that they will not be taken seriously. And this woman embodies the reason for that.

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For her to make such a huge claim is an insult to women everywhere who have actually been assaulted and lived to tell the horrific stories. She is demeaning the actual suffering of women who experience the nightmare of rape. And in doing this, she makes it that much harder for actual victims to come forward and be taken seriously by law enforcement. She absolutely deserves the punishment she received.

What do you think? Was the punishment justifiable or too extreme? Should she have been left alone? You know how I feel about it… Something tells me she won’t be so quick to create a story like that next time.

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