Mike Pence Just UTTERLY DESTROYED Hillary With 7 Epic Words

Mike Pence Just UTTERLY DESTROYED Hillary With 7 Epic Words

I don’t know about you, but I am fairly certain that you are just as sick of Hillary’s disdain for us ‘little people’ as I am. Deplorable? Really Hillary?

Just to make a point, this is the definition of ‘Deplorable’.

*Shockingly bad in quality.

So Hillary is SHOCKED that we think ‘killing unborn babies’ is considered murder. Us wanting to fortify our nation’s borders and create a vetting process that actually works in order to protect our families is racist…and oh so much more. These are the things that make us ‘deplorable’?

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I mean, did you hear what she said recently about Bernie Sanders’ supporters? She called them “basement dwellers.”

What kind of leader, ANY kind of real leader insults the people of their own nation? A non-leader, that’s who.

Do you think that someone with so much disdain for her own people that makes it VERY clear she is not one of us is even qualified to lead a nation? Not just any nation, but the best? I mean leading it by and for the people? For this woman, that’s impossible.

Well Pence agrees and he’s put it into a few simple words that give a very truthful and powerful point.


“You cannot lead people that you loathe.”

“You cannot lead people that you loathe,” Pence, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s running mate, told Pennsylvania voters as he remarked that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s contempt for millions of Americans should mean that she is disqualified from leading the people of the United States.

Pence had made the comment earlier that day in an exclusive with Breitbart News.

Clinton previously called half of Trump supporters the “basket of deplorables,” “irredeemable,” and “not America.” Clinton later expressed regret for saying “half,” a fact that Pence reminded America of in Tuesday night’s Vice Presidential debate against Clinton’s running mate, Sen. Tim Kaine.

Pence shared these words with a very enthusiastic crowd where he also announced that Trump stands with the law enforcement community and first responders and has made a promise to restore law and order.

Another thing that looks bad on Hillary, her disregard for ‘blue lives’ because she is too busy worrying about pandering to the ones who threaten our men and women in blue.

It’s sickening.

What Pence said makes all the sense in the world and that alone should make all the difference.

She truly cannot serve as President over a people she disdains or a nation she refuses to support in times of need to fortify its strength as a nation.

She’s not even close to being that person.

It’s a miracle she’s even in the place she is now, with all that power. She certainly didn’t get there for her good deeds.

That’s the scariest part.


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