Militant Atheists Vs. Christmas

by John Hawkins | December 5, 2008 10:49 am

On Fox and Friends, a hate filled atheist, Dan Barker from the Freedom From Religion Foundation, went on a vicious tirade against nativity scenes.

Here’s the video,

Here’s a quick transcript, emphasis mine, and each segment broken up into a different section,

We atheists and agnostics love this time of year. The food, the family, the fun, the fellowship. It’s a natural season that belongs to all of us, not just to Christians. Christians came along and basically stole this time of year. Pretending that the Evergreen…Pagans celebrations long before Christians had the Evergreen and the gifts and the love in the family. So, December does not belong just to Christians. We…millions of good Americans, who don’t believe in a God…we don’t believe in a God, yet we do believe in human values and we see the nativity scene as a direct attack on good human values and we’d like our place at the table as well.

Well, Christmas is only a federal holiday on December 25th. That’s only one day of the year. The rest of the month of December belongs to all of us…well, we had a holiday, even before this country started. This time of year is the Winter Solstice, it’s a natural season. The Christians basically stole this season from us human beings by using the hate speech of the nativity scene, which damns all of us to hell if we don’t bow down before that little baby, who became the dictator. What a horrible insult to what it means to be a human being. We all love this time of year.

There are a lot of people who get huffy when Christians stand up for their beliefs, demand that the government respect their faith, and refuse to be pushed out of the public square.

Meanwhile, creeps like this guy, who’s the atheistic equivalent of Democrat Fred Phelps (The God Hates F*gs guy), get a free pass. Well, not only do Christians have a right to be involved in the culture and involved in the government, we have a moral responsibility to do so in order to counter the people who hate us and our faith.

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