Israeli Minister Miri Regev — ‘Thank God’ Obama Is Almost Out of Office

Israeli Minister Miri Regev — ‘Thank God’ Obama Is Almost Out of Office

Israeli Minister Miri Regev said what almost every single conservative/Republican American has been thinking. Most of us are extremely excited to watch the Obamas move out of the White House, but to hear it come out of the mouth of one of our allies, says a lot about how they view our relationship.

Hint: It’s not good.


Regev is the Culture and Sports Minister and did an interview with Army Radio in which she made her comments about her feelings over the ending Obama Presidency.

In an interview with Army Radio on Sunday, Regev said “thank God that Obama is finishing his term.”

“In Obama’s world view we have moved closer to peace, but during his term we have just gotten further from it,” she said, adding that “there have been more and more terror attacks in Berlin, Orlando and yesterday in Turkey, what does any of this have to do with the [Israeli] settlements?”

The Jerusalem Post published an article with the interview that you can read in full here. An excerpt is posted below.

Regev’s comments came more than a week after Obama administration provoked the Israeli government’s fury by failing to block the passage of an anti-settlement resolution in the UN Security Council.

In the time that has passed since the UN Security Council vote on December 23, and the US abstention, the country has expressed every emotion from shock, mostly in the form of dismay and plain outrage, with comment and condemnation from ministers, government officials and of course from the Israeli public.

Immediately after the resolution passed, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu directed his rage primarily at Obama, who days before was urged to exercise his country’s ability to exercise a veto. “Yesterday, in stark contrast to this commitment [to not dictate terms of a permanent settlement to Israel through the UN], the Obama administration took a shameful anti-Israel step at the UN.”

I love this woman. Can we elect her as President of the United States?

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