Mob Of Migrants Gang Rape Wheelchair Bound Woman Who Asked To Use Their Restroom

Mob Of Migrants Gang Rape Wheelchair Bound Woman Who Asked To Use Their Restroom


This poor woman experienced the greatest horror imaginable. While traveling home for the day, she stopped to use the restroom. This is where things became truly horrific. This is the horrific story of a young woman in her thirties whose health has forced her to use a wheelchair. Somehow she seemed like the perfect target to a group of young men who would be responsible for gang raping her before she was able to escape.

This young lady stopped to use the restroom at a Swedish Asylum Center on Sweden’s Gotland Island. She asked to use the restroom. While she was in the restroom a group of young men in their twenties cornered her and repeatedly raped her. It is said that after hours she was finally able to escape.

Her lawyer stated that due to her health issues and total fear, she was practically paralyzed during the rape. All she was able to do to resist was repeatedly tell them “no.” All the men are being held responsible and the town responded with absolute rage. They have rioted, formed a mob and thrown rocks at the asylum where the rape took place.

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Still to live with the results of this vicious attack are tragic. Our prayers are with the victim of this brutal atrocity. What can we do to prevent these things from happening? This woman was the epitome of helplessness. What is especially unbelievable and tragic is the nature of the town. It has always been a safe place. It is a small town that has never experienced this kind of crime and violence.

All I can say is I am glad the young men responsible are being prosecuted and that this poor woman has proper representation. No one should have to experience that horror. And no one should go unpunished.

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