Mobs Of Muslims Gather In The Streets Of London Crying For World Domination – A New Mohammad [VIDEO]

by Alexandria Willis | December 16, 2016 4:33 am


No matter where you stand, the situation in Syria is tragic[2]. The battles in Aleppo have left the world in helpless shock as we have watched hell break lose on one of the world’s oldest standing cities. Aleppo’s citizens have been massacred and brutally annihilated in the last four years. They have dropped gas on the city, cut off food supplies and gunned down the people.

Now, the citizens are streaming out of the city in a mass exodus.

But according to these protesters in London, the horror and unrest in the Middle East and especially in Syria is America’s fault! They are screaming from the streets that America is at fault for the horrors committed there. Her is their justification:

‘When they come and say “look, America is the one who is going to come and help you in this”, then we have to remind them.

‘Go back to the beginning of the war on terror when we were investigating cases of individuals being put on rendition flights to Syria where they had the soles of their feet beaten by the Syrian regime the moment they arrived in prison.

‘And who sent them there? The Americans, the CIA sent them there.’

He said: ‘In 2002, in the beginning of the War on Terror, that means the Americans were working close, hand in hand, hand in glove, with the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

‘My colleague Asim Qureshi has already said that the cases of several individuals who were extraordinarily renditioned by the US regime, by the US government, to the regime of Bashar al-Assad.’

Genuinely, it is terrifying. It is scary. America does everything they can to serve the countries around us, but it seems we cannot do anything right.

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