Moderator for First Trump-Clinton Debate Announced – You Won’t Believe Who It Is…

Moderator for First Trump-Clinton Debate Announced – You Won’t Believe Who It Is…

What a joke. The moderator for the largely anticipated FIRST Trump vs Clinton debate has been announced. Make sure you’re airway is clear of food and water, because this might just make you choke.

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Many Americans have been eagerly waiting to see Donald Trump finally face off with Democrat nominee Hillary “Crooked” Clinton. It’s now only a few weeks away before it all goes down and although they will be on the same stage, the two candidates will not actually be on stage at the same time. (That would be something though wouldn’t it?)

The moderator will be…. Matt Lauer.


Classic choice right?

You should know that Lauer is literally listed as a “notable past member” on none other than the Clinton Global Initiative’s website…

Yes, right along next to Anderson Cooper and Katie Couric.

Have Republicans learned anything from the past? Take a look at former CNN host, Candy Crowley. Remember? She blatantly played interference for Obama in the 2012 debate against GOP nominee Mitt Romney.

Now, here we are in 2016, giving the thumbs up to liberals not only running the forum on MSNBC, but furthermore allowing the likes of Lauer, a well-known lefty and friend to Hillary, host the dang thing!?


Curious as to just how chummy Lauer and Hillary are? You don’t have to search very far to find plenty of evidence..



Lucky for us, it’s Trump that will be there that night. He may not be as graceful with his words as our more ‘sensitive’ Americans would prefer. But if Lauer does get out of hand and Trump responds as only Trump can, well then folks…we may just have ourselves some real good entertainment!

What do you think about this nonsense pick for moderator? Will it be in our favor if Trump pulls a one-two right wing HOOK on him? Or does it feel more like it’s spelling out doom?

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