Mom used Plenty of Fish dating app to invite pair to rape 10 year-old daughter while she watched

Mom used Plenty of Fish dating app to invite pair to rape 10 year-old daughter while she watched


There is pure evil in this world. And for this young girl that evil began with her mother. Raped. Murdered. Burned in a burning blanket. That is what life held for this young girl. And it started with the woman she should have been able to trust more than anyone in this world. This ten year-old child was viciously betrayed by her mom.

Police have known from the beginning that the two men responsible for this atrocity were connected to the mom. The mother’s boyfriend, Gonzales, and his cousin were responsible for taking the child and raping her three times before brutally murdering her. Then, in either an attempt to hide the crime or just out of pure evil, they burned the little girl’s body in a burning blanket.

It is pretty horrific. But it doesn’t stop there. the mother is now known to have sat and watch her daughter be tortured. She was completely fine with what they did to her. In fact, even after the disturbing rape and murder took place, the mother continued to have a relationship with Mr. Gonzales. She then admits to having had sex with her boyfriend at least twenty times following the rape and murder of her child at his hands.

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In a time when the world is so dark with atrocities like this, it has never been more important that good people stand up and make a difference. We cannot allow this to be the norm. We must protect our children and their innocence.


They are already up against so much.

What can we do as Americans to help end horrors like this? Thank God these three sick and sadistic humans are being held responsible for what they have done. Do you feel like she should be held responsible for allowing this to happen to her child? I think she is responsible for rape and murder.

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