Moments After Nancy Pelosi Says Ben Carson Is “Unqualified” for Cabinet, LOOK What Happens….

Moments After Nancy Pelosi Says Ben Carson Is “Unqualified” for Cabinet, LOOK What Happens….

Isn’t it racist to say anything negative about people of color? I swear that’s what the left has been trying to convince us of these last 8 years, but now they seem to be backing down on that since Ben Carson has been brought up for Trump’s cabinet.

Nancy Pelosi in particular seems to have forgotten the unspoken rules of being a liberal progressive and attacked Carson’s “qualifications.” What she wasn’t anticipating was the amount of backlash she would receive for doing so.


Pelosi issued this Tweet on December 5th:

What followed was nothing short of pure comedy.

I wrote a Facebook status about this yesterday, because it just frustrated me so much I felt like I had to speak out. I’ll paraphrase here to refrain from boring you.

Being a Pediatric Brain Surgeon is not what qualifies Carson to be Secretary of HUD, the fact that he grew up in the ghetto and understands the needs of the inner city are what qualifies him. Carson grew up in an area that claims the lives of children every day, due to gang violence and drug over-doses. He knows the struggle and he managed to become one of the most successful doctors in the world despite the environment in which he grew up.

Liberals would prefer a detached elitist who would do nothing for urban areas, making them increasingly dependent on the federal government for basic needs. For those of us who actually want to fix the problem, however, we know that Carson is one of the best choices there is. He is a genius and can figure out the best and most efficient ways to deal with the problems facing the inner city, but Pelosi and other liberals can’t see that. All they see is a Doctor who is getting in the way of the Progressive agenda.

It should be noted that you don’t get to question the qualifications of anyone if you’ve championed a President whose only history was community organization and being an absentee Senator.

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