Moments After World Series Ends – Hillary Gets SHOCKING Message On LIVE TV!

Moments After World Series Ends – Hillary Gets SHOCKING Message On LIVE TV!

Right after Game 6 of the World Series between the Cleveland Indians and the Chicago Cubs, one baseball fan sent a message out on national TV. The message was for the Clintons and in particular, Bill Clinton. The message was loud and clear, and it was one that we have heard before by another so-called protester on national television. That’s right. You guessed it.


The sign was “Bill Clinton is a RAPIST” and it was also vocalized by the fan/protester. If you looked closely at the sign, you would be able to make out the source of this off the wall stunt.

InfoWars. Yes, Alex Jones has struck again. Let’s see how long he can keep this up, eh?

While most people were concentrating on the historic World Series, some folks were more concerned with other issues.


Stumping for Hillary throughout this whole disastrous election year, Bill has continuously been called out on his alleged dirty history. No more so than by hecklers in his audiences.

Well, that same kind of heckler showed up right after Game 6 of the World Series and he boldly went where not too many would. Straight for the throat.

As a reporter is interviewing two Chicago Cubs fans, another man holding a homemade sign, brought it within camera shot, even to the point he was cover one of the fans being interviewed. The sign reads “Bill Clinton is a RAPIST” and the obnoxious man makes sure everyone knows that by shouting it out to the camera. He’s quickly pulled away by another man. Whether it was some type of security or the protester’s partner, we don’t know.

Alex Jones, the conspiracy radio host, had made a cash challenge to his audience. He put a bet out that if anyone would wear a shirt, or in this case a sign, that said Bill Clinton is a rapist, they would receive the cash.

Did this guy, or any of the others receive their cash? That’s another story.

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