Moonbat Media Will Not Lay Off With White Guilt

by Van Helsing | November 19, 2008 10:36 am

Did you think that moonbats would lay off with the white guilt malarkey, now that white Americans have elected a conspicuously underqualified candidate primarily on the basis of his black skin? Guess again[1]:

Worried by racial tensions churned up by the U.S. presidential election, teachers at one U.S. high school braced for the worst in their majority white community the morning after Barack Obama was elected the country’s first black president.

To counter what she called “unsettling bigotry” in Maryland’s Carroll County, Westminster High English teacher Laura Doolan wrote a 30-minute lesson for all students to give them a chance to discuss the election and correct misconceptions…

In the end, there were no racial incidents at Westminster High School after Democrat Obama beat Republican John McCain, but minor physical and verbal fights did occur at several other county schools.

If the “minor physical and verbal fights” could be confirmed, no doubt the report would focus on these other schools, and not Westminster High.

Also alleged: 20 years ago, there were KKK rallies in the area. More recently, a school board member “resigned amid a storm of public controversy after he used a racial slur to describe some black rocks at a school construction site.” Then there’s this:

Mokhtar Nasir, the chief of staff at Carroll Hospital Center, said he hasn’t faced much overt discrimination during his 13 years in the county over his Lebanese-Muslim heritage. Still, he says, many co-workers don’t recognize his holidays, and some ask year after year if he had a nice Christmas.

The horror.

No matter what we do, we’ll be racist according to the condescending liberal twits who run the media. You see, being racist is embedded in our skin pigmentation.

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