More Voter Fraud…Scroll For Updates

by Melissa Clouthier | November 4, 2008 9:52 am

What the heck. I’ll just start a rolling voter “irregularities” post and add to it. Goodness knows, it’s going to be filled to the brim before this is all over. I’d like to remind you that only 18% of Americans[1] have confidence in the electoral system. Hmmmmm…. I wonder why? Glenn Reynolds[2] has been all over this[3] and he’s right–the doubt undermines the whole process. Maybe this election will finally bring about meaningful reform country-wide. Too many Democrats stand to gain by keeping the system murky, though, so I doubt it. More from John Fund[4].

And to start:

More votes than registered voters[5]. Mark Steyn praises Acorn’s efficiency.

Philadelphia[6]…Amanda Carpenter.

Cleveland[7]…Glenn Reynolds[8]

Voter intimidation by Black Panthers[9] via Eric J. Odom. Update: Newsbusters–CNN asked why they won’t report it[10].

Voting in Georgia AND Ohio[11]? Reports of double registrations….”1000s of them”.

Lancaster County, PA[12]: Voters called and told their polling places have been changed via RedState.

New Hampshire: The McCain campaign files suit. More to come… Updated: Here’s the lawsuit[13]. GraniteGrok has more[14].

Military votes[15]–extending the deadline so all military members get to vote.

Voting twice in Philly[16] via Redstate.

More from Philly: Electioneering inside polling places[17] via Soren Dayton at Election Journal.

CNN interviews Philly man who is so excited he voted for Obama many times[18] via Amanda Carpenter.

Minnesota will be investigating ACORN for voter registration fraud[19] for registering felons via HotAir.

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