‘Morning Joe” Takes No Prisoners – Clinton Foundation is “Morally Deficit, Gross!” [VIDEO]

‘Morning Joe” Takes No Prisoners – Clinton Foundation is “Morally Deficit, Gross!” [VIDEO]

Am I in an alternate universe, where MSNBC actually has the guts to tell the truth when it comes to Democrats/liberals/progressives and their abhorrent behavior? Did I wake up in the Twilight Zone?

The “Morning Joe” crew actually went to town on Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation, and – you might want to sit down for this – they are actually RIGHT! I know, take a second to catch your breath.


This is actually fascinating and takes place in two parts. You definitely want to see both to get the full picture. The fact that they actually had the gall to do this gives me hope that even if we were to be faced with the misery of a Hillary Clinton Presidency, that the media wouldn’t be in her lap all the time.

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Watch the first video below:

My favorite part of this video was the following:

JOE SCARBOROUGH: “Eddie, they’re bragging, they’re bragging in the memo that they can shake down the same corporations that they’re taking Foundation money for, that they can shake them down for $66M for quote “Bill Clinton Inc.” For Bill and Hillary Clinton personally. Does that confirm what you and a lot of Clinton skeptics that supported Bernie Sanders were worried about all along?”

EDDIE GLAUDE JR.: “Well it certainly… yes.”

Even Bernie Sanders supporters are aware of how bad this looks for Clinton. That is saying a lot, considering they were considering voting for a Socialist.

Watch the second video below:

The way they’re talking about the Clintons, you would think they had become Republicans over night! But they’re absolutely correct in saying that this behavior is “sleazy” and that there is a “moral and ethical deficit” within the Clinton Foundation. I just hope that this kind of sledgehammer journalism continues until November, because then even liberals would have to admit that there is something seriously wrong with Hillary Clinton.

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