Next Time MORONIC Liberals Call For ‘Gun Control’ Tell Them THIS! [MEME]

by Just An American | July 13, 2016 3:53 am


I swear, Democrats have to be allergic to truth, it is the ONLY way to explain why they are so blinded to the brutal truth about their beloved ‘gun control’ …. it will make no difference. It will only put more power in the hands of those who want it for all the wrong reasons and the good people will suffer.


In fact, what they want will not only… NOT WORK, but it will create a WHOLE new kind of criminal, one that is more terrifying than the ones before them. Ones that will get real creative with their choice of weapon if they don’t just end up getting a gun illegally.

So to the idiots who call themselves liberals…here’s some truth that will “CUT” where it lands… pun ABSOLUTELY intended.


Via Scott McKay:[3]

Are you familiar with Malcolm Gladwell, the gun-grabbing leftist reporter for The New Yorker? If you aren’t, you aren’t missing a whole lot – Gladwell doesn’t have much to say which isn’t standard Democrat Party boilerplate and he’s usually not particularly interesting.

But in a recent podcast he participated in for the magazine, Gladwell briefly escaped the left-wing box and said something true about guns.

Briefly, we said.

While participating in a New Yorker podcast, Gladwell was asked about the severity of the gun issue. “How big a problem is the availability of guns?” asked the interviewer.

Gladwell replied:

“Well, uh, you know, uh, those who say that you can solve this problem with gun control are engaging in a fantasy. Um, can you prevent some cases of this by locking up all the guns? Sure. Is that politically possible in the near-term in the United States? No. Uh, my problem with the gun control argument is that it so grossly simplifies what’s going on here, that this is, you know, we had tons and tons and tons of guns in this country and no school shootings for a long time. So, school shootings are not a necessary or inevitable consequence of having lots of guns.”

It was a shining moment of clarity. And it did not last…

Have no fear, he didn’t suddenly develop a case of intelligence. He realized what he said and added quickly, “Let me say one crucial thing here — this should in no way undermine the importance of gun control!”

Oh, well. He recognized that gun control wouldn’t work, but took pains to state that he’s fully in support of that which does not work. So, his solution is the same garbage proven not to be the solution.

Wouldn’t want to be disinvited to all the right cocktail parties. That wouldn’t do at all, would it?

So much of what passes for leftist thought is nothing more than Pavlovian regurgitation of the sentiment at those posh cocktail parties among the smart set. There is something of this problem on the Right as well, but by comparison no political subset is as guilty of groupthink as the left-wing intelligentsia.

A member of which Gladwell self-identifies.

And he clearly doesn’t have the intellectual confidence to proclaim things he knows are true, but would put him at odds with his friends, or his bosses at the New Yorker.

Land of the free, home of the brave. Right?

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