Mother Jones Loses Mind Over Palin And Parental Consent

by William Teach | July 7, 2009 8:52 am

I’ve said many, many times that I tend to avoid the abortion debate, but, there are two things that get me riled up: later term abortions and parental notification/consent. In this case, we are discussing the magazine Mother Jones, a far, far left progressive site, and a combination of typical Palin Derangement Syndrome with hatred of parental abortion consent laws[1]

As I tweeted yesterday, when MoJo was reduced to a twitter-only operation[2], the day before Sarah Palin annouced her resignation[3], one of Alaska’s top public health officials was forced out for butting heads with Palin over social issues, specifically a provision that would require that girls under the age of 17 obtain parental consent before getting an abortion[4]. Beverly Wooley, state public health director, was the second official to be forced out over this issue. The state’s chief medical officer, Jay Butler, left in late June. Both made the critical mistake of wanting to present scientific evidence on the impact of parental consent laws to the state Senate. They never got the chance; the Senate “ran out of time.”

Scientific evidence? Really? I have scientific evidence that 16 and 17 year olds can be grounded and lose their driving priviledges when they get busted by the police for drinking. In the way back, my friends and I were out in the woods drinking and having some fun. Some of us were 18. A bunch of us were 16 and 17. We all got hauled off to the police station. Those of us who were 18 were released on our own. Those under 18, well, their parents were called and had to pick them up. Big deal? No. But, as you could expect, their parents were not happy, and consequences ensued.

That was for simply drinking underage. Here, we have an issue which requires a medical procedure. When I was 15, I jumped off my surfboard and landed either on glass or a shell. Two inch gash in my heel down to the bone. Doctor had to attempt to contact my parents prior to stitches, and that was a bit more of an emergency than getting an abortion. An abortion is a huge, life changing decision, yet, the abortionists do not want parents involved at all. Something is very wrong when people want government to take away parental rights. Of course, when it is their child, I’d bet money that their inside voice states that they want to be notified and give consent if their child wants to get an abortion.

Anyhow, said law does have a few exceptions, and has now passed[5] so that supporters can attempt to gain enough signatures in order for it too appear as a ballot issue next year. And Mother Jones finishes up with

So, Sarah Palin may be gone soon. But her policies live on. And no matter where her career takes her (Fox News anchor gig?), her last act cements her bona fides with pro-lifers. Which can only help her ability to raise or earn money.

They say that like bumping up her bona fides with pro-lifers is a bad thing. Not that the pro-death crowd would like her anyhow.

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