Mother Murders 8 Yr-Old Son After He Discovers She’s Having An Affair With HIs Grandpa

Mother Murders 8 Yr-Old Son After He Discovers She’s Having An Affair With HIs Grandpa


Stories like this truly break my heart. This woman is obviously very ill. But tragically, it was her son who payed the ultimate sacrifice. You really don’t know what to believe here.

A woman frantically reported that her son was missing. She claimed to have gone to pick him up from school when he was no longer found. But slowly the truth began to come out. Police began to suspect the mother when her story and the video footage at the school did not match up. It didn’t take long for the police to find out the shocking and truly tragic truth.

This woman had murdered her son. And then she had abandoned the body in hopes of not being found out. Don’t worry. She has been found guilty for murder and assigned to thirty years in prison.

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But this is where the plot thickens. She claims that it was also her husband’s father, the child’s grandfather, who helped in the murder. According to her, the grandfather and her had been pursuing a relationship when the son walked in on them having a physical relationship. According to her, the grandfather felt it would be necessary to kill the son.

Of course, the grandfather has claimed innocence. Saying, this is just one more example of how crazy this woman is. And while he has been investigated, no evidence points to him as truly being guilty. I think I might agree with this heartbroken grandfather. This woman is just crazy.

Pray for the family she left behind. All of which are mourning the tragic death of this young boy. While the mother is being held responsible nothing can bring back this young boy and with the hole she has created. What do you think could have led her to this horrific crime?


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