Mother turns in ‘would-be rapist’ son after seeing him on TV news during appeal stemming from brutal attack

by Earl Hall | September 6, 2015 8:48 am

Well It looks like the “no snitching” policy does not reside in this household.  When a mom and dad are willing to turn in their own child for wrong doing it lets me know there is still hope for this country.  Parents everywhere should be so upstanding and honorable.[1]




When Brenda Ramon sat down with her son Anthony to watch the evening news, a report came up involving a teenager wanted for alleged rape.

Surveillance footage started playing on the screen and she immediately recognized the 19-year-old as the person sitting next to her.

She therefore woke her husband so they could take him down to the precinct on Wednesday, where he was arrested on a number of charges including rape and burglary.

His father Franklin told The New York Post: ‘It was shocking, to see your son up there, wanted for some crime that we knew nothing about. He’s a good kid, goes to college, works in the night.’

Ramon was wanted in connection with a the brutal attack of a  33-year-old woman in Washington Heights, New York.

He allegedly started to follow her after seeing her on a Subway train in Midtown.

Police say Ramon got off at her stop, and trailed her to her building.

Authorities say he then followed her into the elevator, where he exposed himself and started to masturbate, police said.

He grabbed her arms and attempted to force himself on her, but she managed to run off the elevator and into her apartment, cops said.

She escaped uninjured.

Ramon is now being held until he his arraignment in a Manhattan court.

I am sure that taking your own child to the police station to be arrested is hard.  It does go to show that even in a two parent household, raising a child today is tough.  This act took some courage, but most of all it took integrity.  Something we simply don’t see enough of today.

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