Mother-Of-Two Kills Husband’s Girlfriend Then Her Own Son AND Daughter [VIDEO]

Mother-Of-Two Kills Husband’s Girlfriend Then Her Own Son AND Daughter [VIDEO]

This is horrifically inconceivable to me. A mother of two, Jessica Edens, 36, flipped out over what she believed was a year-long affair by her estranged husband and Leigh Rahme, 28. The first thing she did was send harassing text messages and calls to Rahme in the weeks before Edens killed her. She was shot to death in her car on Thursday by Edens in the parking garage of her apartment. Then Edens ran with her two children in her SUV. Edens was in a custody battle for the kids with her husband. She had her kids in the car when it happened right in front of them.

Rahme was targeted online in an anonymous attack posted on Wednesday. That attack has since been deleted. “This little girl has no self respect and no morals. She dates married men who have children and she doesn’t even want or like kids,” the vicious post read. “Her character speaks enough for her. Remember homewrecker, that karma is a b—h, just like you. You will get what you deserve,” Edens went on and then posted it to a website that is called ‘homewreckers’.

From the Daily Mail:

A mother found dead in her SUV alongside the bodies of her two children had shot and killed another woman linked to her estranged husband hours earlier, authorities revealed on Friday.

Jessica Edens was involved in a custody dispute over one of the children with her husband in Greenville, South Carolina and had complained that he’d had an affair for the past year, according to a police report.

The other women killed had reported harassing text messages and phone calls from Edens in the weeks before the shooting, Greenville Police Chief Ken Thomas said Friday.

Edens shot Meredith Leigh Rahme, 28, in her car around 5pm Thursday in downtown Greenville, Thomas said at a news conference.

He added that the 36-year-old shooter’s nine-year-old son Hayden and five-year-old daughter Harper were in the back of her SUV at the time, according to WLOS.

A couple of hours after Rahme was murdered, police found Edens in her SUV. It was locked and running. She shot her 9 year-old son and 5 year-old daughter in the head, killing them. Then she turned the gun on herself. Police say it was a ‘graphic and horrific’ scene. A .40-caliber handgun was found inside the SUV, but the police and the coroner have not said who fired the shots. I think it’s pretty obvious. A similar gun was used to kill Rahme, authorities said. Rahme had called police twice less than three weeks ago to ask how she could deal with harassing text messages, phone calls and online postings from Edens, police said.

The husband had called the police on Wednesday to ask that they check on his daughter shortly after he received a disturbing text message from Edens. At the time, the officer found the family at home getting ready to eat popcorn and watch a movie. The officer asked Edens if she was going to get back with her husband and she said she was going to expose his affair in court. Rahme evidently worked with Edens’ husband. There was no indication of violence at the time and the police left.

“There is some indication that about the time of the custody decision that she had some sense of inflicting violence either on the children or on herself or both. But that wasn’t discovered until after she was discovered last night,” Officer Thomas said. This woman was dangerously unstable and she snuffed out the lives of not only a young woman, but her two little children before she took her own life. All to make her husband suffer. He’s not without blame either as having an affair brought all of this on. But even with that, as mentally unbalanced as she was, something else would have set her off. It’s just such a horrific thing to happen. I just can’t wrap my mind around it.

By Right Wing News’ Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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