MSNBC Gives Mic To Black Family To SLAM Trump – It Does NOT Work In Their Favor

MSNBC Gives Mic To Black Family To SLAM Trump – It Does NOT Work In Their Favor

I love it when a plan doesn’t come together, specifically for liberals intent on bashing someone simply out of bias and not a logical standpoint. More often than not, this happens because liberal anchors/commentators assume they know the positions of the guests they’re going to have on simply by stereotype.


When MSNBC reporter Jacob Rascon turned the microphone over to a black family at a Trump rally, he likely expected them to bash Trump, asking a loaded question about Donald Trump’s plan to reach out to the African-American community. The answer he got from the mother-daughter pair of Gloria and Trina was probably NOT what he was expecting.

“Well, I think Trump is reaching out [to] all citizens including African-Americans,” responded Trina. “He’s trying to address a problem. It should not be a problem if you address there is something wrong, and you have a plan that wants to help people.”

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“That’s what a president should do for us. He should reach out and try to help people and address problems that’s going on in our country.”

“My word to all black Americans, one thing I would like to say, is let’s not be deceived,” Gloria answered. “Look at the record. Look at the promises that have been made over the past from the Democratic party.”

Oh snap! The worst part about this is that they’re right! The Democrats have done nothing for the African American community except make them more dependent on the  government.

You go ladies!

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