MSNBC points out voters just ASSUME & ACCEPT that Bill is STILL CHEATING on Hillary [Video]

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | August 3, 2015 8:01 am

More bimbos for Bill.[1] I understand the latest is called the ‘Energizer.’ Epically disgraceful. Melissa Harris Perry is so disingenuous as well. The Liberals on her show bring up that Billy Boy is banging women just as he has always done. Then Perry shrilly and nervously starts cackling and tries to change the subject. It failed. Wouldn’t want to disparage the Hildebeast and the fact that her husband is a relentless philanderer who chases any bimbo that comes within 10 feet of him. He doesn’t hide it – in fact, he’s proud of it and always has been. Bill Clinton is an adulterer, an abuser of women and just an all around dirt bag. His wife is even worse. Anyone who watches the likes of Perry on MSNBC either enjoys pain or is a moron. It’s awkward for feminist Progressives who live by a double standard.

Bill Clinton[2]

From The Right Scoop:

There was a really awkward moment on Melissa Harris Perry’s show this morning when someone actually had the gall to say out loud that Bill Clinton just might, may be, possibly, oh I don’t know… still be banging anything that has a pulse.

Oh it got REAL quiet after that:

Melissa Perry, who doesn’t get embarrassed by wearing tampons for earrings, suddenly got really red-faced at the thought that philandering Bill might still be up to no good. And then they ran away from that topic as quickly as possible.

Because that’s not awkward at all for the wannabe-first woman president to look the other way at her husband’s cheating, right? Totally feminist progressive values there! LOL!

This crap of Perry saying she doesn’t know if that can be said on TV is just ludicrous. What? Is Hillary Clinton now censoring news and saying what is allowed and what isn’t? Does Perry fear Clinton? That’s revealing. Perry is obviously afraid of weakening the Hildebeast. Icky sexist residue? It’s sexist to expose Bill Clinton as a rapist and molester of women? So now, Perry thinks women should just shut up and go away after Bill Clinton paws them. How very Liberal. Perry obviously is desperate – she’s pushing Joe Biden for president while trying not to offend Hillary. Biden has the moron vote locked down, but other than that, he’s a joke. I find it interesting that Liberals don’t care about Bill Clinton’s affairs and sexual adventures, but if a conservative is caught having an affair, how dare they! Such hypocritic buffoons are what MSNBC has to offer as commentators. Of course Bill Clinton is still cheating – with a wife like Hillary, who wouldn’t?

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