Muslim Clothing Designer Almost Shot For Wearing Short Skirt! [VIDEO]

Muslim Clothing Designer Almost Shot For Wearing Short Skirt! [VIDEO]

In 1998, Tala Raassi was having one of the best days of her young life. The beautiful young Iranian girl was celebrating her 16th birthday with friends at her own party. And then everything changed. What started as the best day, quickly disintegrated into one of the worst.

What was it that happened to bring that day to such a horrific close? Her party was invaded by a militant Islamic group called The Basijis. Her crime? Wearing a miniskirt. That’s right, for the heinous crime of wearing a miniskirt, this young girl was chased down at gunpoint and thrown in prison for five days followed by a court ordered punishment of 40 lashes with a whip. The whip was made wet to increase the pain. It was in this moment that the seeds of her future fashion designer business were planted.

After being told she was a disgrace by these Islamic militants, Tala wanted to help other women and girls to see and understand that they are beautiful. Through fashion, her message goes out to women everywhere; you are lovely and valuable. These militants tried to silence her with their cruelty. But they failed. It has been 18 years since that time. And this beautiful America-based designer is a successful businesswoman sharing this message with the world; Fashion is Freedom.

Indeed Ms. Raassi, yes it is. And we salute your courage.

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