Muslim Man Shows Up To Charlotte RIOTS – Makes Things Even Worse…

Muslim Man Shows Up To Charlotte RIOTS – Makes Things Even Worse…

People can’t just leave well enough alone, can they? They can’t just let problems clear themselves up without trying to make things 1,000,000 times worse.

Well, maybe not so much “people” as B.J. Murphy, a Muslim man who was chosen by Keith Lamont Scott’s family to speak about the man’s shooting death.


Of course, he couldn’t just leave without praising Allah and ordering more violence from the rioters who, for some reason, think that stealing TVs from Walmart is the appropriate way to “protest police brutality.”

After telling the angry mob that blacks “don’t get no justice,” (because English is hard for some people) he said that he’s not “telling our brothers and sisters to stop,” referring to the crime that has been committed in the name of “justice.” You know, the same justice that they ain’t gettin’ none of? Or something.

His message was apparently SO effective that, according to the Daily Caller, Charlotte protesters were chanting “We’re like the Taliban!”

That’s what we need, Muslims taking advantage of angry Americans and creating more home-grown terrorists.

Can this guy be arrested for inciting violence? Maybe for inciting a riot?

Oh, what am I saying… he’s one of the “protected classes” in America. The only thing the government would do to him is give him a federal job overseeing refugees and their paperwork.

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