Muslim Smacks Girl – Quickly Realizes He’s Made a BIG Mistake [VIDEO]

Muslim Smacks Girl – Quickly Realizes He’s Made a BIG Mistake [VIDEO]

In many Muslim countries, men are used to being able to treat women like property. They can grab them, hit them, rape them, kill them — and often, suffer no consequences. Still, it’s a mistake to think that they’re never going to encounter a woman who will fight back. And when that happens, these Muslim misogynists just cannot handle it.


A video making the rounds on the Internet shows a man, described as an “Indian Muslim,” walk up to a woman and grab her. It’s not clear where the video was filmed, but he obviously expected her to just submit to him and go along with whatever he had planned.

When the woman resists his advances, he continues to try to grab her, only to have her continue to refuse. Angry, he slaps her… and then she unleashes all hell on him.

He clearly didn’t see that coming! And good for her, too. Maybe he just wanted her to dance with him, but he also could have had more nefarious plans for her. And really, it doesn’t matter what he had planned — if she doesn’t want to dance with him, or talk to him, then she doesn’t have to, and she certainly doesn’t deserve to be slapped because she didn’t let him do whatever he wanted to do with her.

Some people might watch this video and think that more Muslim women should react this way. But it’s important to remember that these women don’t live in a free country like we do. Many Muslim countries operate under Sharia law, where a woman will be put to death because she was raped. Women who don’t wear hijabs can be caned, whipped or executed. And fighting back when a man tries to do something to you is certainly something that can lead to severe consequences, including — you guessed it — death. So, while this woman may have been kick-ass in this video, for all we know, she could have been arrested and possibly beaten, jailed, caned or killed. It doesn’t matter if she was defending herself, if she was living under Sharia law. Women are inferior to men and that’s all that matters. So, this video is certainly nice to see, but it is a mistake to assume that just because this woman presumably got away with beating up a Muslim man, that all women in Muslim countries are capable of defending themselves in the same way.

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