Muslim Tells Judge She Only Stands For Allah – Judge Shows Her There Is NO Allah In Her Courtroom!

Muslim Tells Judge She Only Stands For Allah – Judge Shows Her There Is NO Allah In Her Courtroom!

A judge has advised a Muslim woman after she declined to stand when the judicial officer came into the courtroom because ‘she won’t stand for anyone except Allah’.


Moutia Elzahed – the second wife of Hamdi Alqudsi – who was found guilty for recruiting for the Islamic State in Syria – once again appeared at the Sydney District Court on Wednesday for a civil matter having to do with a law enforcement raid.


Ms. Elzahed, Alqudsi and her two teenage sons are suing the Commonwealth of Australia and New South Wales for assault and battery that allegedly happened in 2014 when they were the target of a counter-terrorism raid.

After the morning tea break, Judge Audrey Balla spoke to lawyer Clive Evatt and said that she had noticed Ms. Elzahed ‘doesn’t stand’ for the judge when she [came] into the court room.

Mr. Evatt then told the court that he believed that act was out of ‘religious reasons’ before stopping to check with other lawyers.

He then addressed the court with this: ‘She’s a Muslim, Your Honour, a strict Muslim and according to my instructions she won’t stand for anyone except Allah, which I’m not particularly happy with, Your Honour’.

Judge Balla responded with a question to Ms. Elzahed’s lawyer and asked him if she had been made cognizant of a recent offence created ‘which may relate to such conduct’.

She said a selection on ‘any action’ would be made by others, but the judge was concerned and ‘just wanted to check she’s received advice… Each occasion she doesn’t do it may be a separate offence.’

The NSW government this year initiated a new offence for contempt of the court. The offence went into play on September 1st and a maximum penalty of up to 14 days in prison and/or a fine of up to $1000 if a person is found guilty, is also attached to it.

Judge Balla last week refused to hear Ms. Elzahed’s evidence solely on the basis that she refused to remove her niqab, which covers every part of her body in black cloth except her eyes.

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