Muslims Threaten to BEHEAD this Lawmaker Unless She Implements Shariah Law

Muslims Threaten to BEHEAD this Lawmaker Unless She Implements Shariah Law

Though we keep hearing that Islam is a religion of peace, Muslims are now threatening to behead an Australian lawmaker unless she implements Shariah law, the principles of Islam codified in official law. The Conservative Tribune reports:


A Muslim who claimed to be with the Islamic State group threatened to behead an Australian senator unless she implemented Shariah law, a letter released to the press said on Sunday.

The letter threatened Tasman Sen. Jacquie Lambie with decapitation, saying that, “you are the enemy of Islamic State, therefore, I will take the honour in beheading you.”

The letter also included graphic images of beheading and claimed to be from the Adelaide Islamic StateMujahideen.

“Do not involve the police or media, shut you f—en mouth and do as I say or else the bloodshed will worsen,” the letter read. “I swear upon Allah’s will that death will be approaching to you.”

The threat was likely in response to Sen. Lambie’s outspoken stance on applying the death penalty to convicted terrorists.

While she described the letter as “disgusting,” the senator was completely unbowed in her campaign againstIslamic terrorism.

“If you don’t like our Australian law or you don’t want to abide by our Australian Constitution then pack your bags and do what I have already asked — leave,” she told reporters. “Here is a reality check for Islamic terroristsliving in Australia: we will never bow down to Shariah law.”

The letter also referenced a battle over a mosque being built in Adelaide and praised the actions of Man Haron Monis, the man responsible for the Islamist terrorism siege in Sydney this past December.

While some thought the letter might be a fake by opponents of the mosque, the Australian police are taking it seriously and those who oppose the mosque say such an action would be reprehensible, according to The Advertiser.

“My belief is there are very good arguments to why the mosque should not be built there, (but) I would not be involved with, nor am I aware of, anyone who would make such statements,” said one man who testified before the city council in opposition to the mosque.

We keep hearing that Islam is a religion of peace; however, it is undeniable at this point that we are at war with radical Islam and that those who do not actively condemn the twisting of the words of the Koran are aiding this holy war.

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