Must-See Videos and Readings for the Fourth

by Katie Favazza | July 4, 2009 11:40 am

Happy birthday, America! I’ve got a few Fourth-related items–mostly videos–worth sharing today:

  • It’s fitting that patriot Sen. John McCain presents the GOP weekly video address this week. Enjoy!
  • “The three networks labeled food ‘patriotic’ nearly twice as often as members of the armed services (20 to 11). ABC’s July 4, 2008, broadcast of ‘Good Morning America’ featured ‘patriotic’ [potato] salad, ‘patriotic’ cobbler and ‘patriotic’ chicken wings. Viewers didn’t see ‘patriotic’ soldiers, Marines, sailors or airmen in the broadcast.”

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    1. Karl Rove’s column:
    2. Faded Glory: How Broadcast Networks Trivialize Patriotism:
    3. highlights and recommendations:
    4. fellow blogger, Frank Canzolino:
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