My 10 Favorite Non-Blog Political Websites

I rank my favorite blogs and columnists every quarter, but I rarely take the time to hit the best non-blog political sites. I guess I figure they don’t need the help, but there are some very good ones out there that deserve more attention — or more aptly, all the attention they are already getting and then some,

10) Human Events: HE has a solid mixture of original and syndicated columnists (I used to be a columnist for HE).

9) Fark Politics: This tends to be a mixture of acidic left and right wing links. It might be higher on the list if it hadn’t started tilting leftward a little too much.

8) Orbusmax: They’re a link page with a Washington state slant, but they typically have a lot of great stories — including some that don’t get picked up in other places.

7) Rush Limbaugh: As befits the most influential conservative in America, Rush’s page is updated with excerpts from his radio show each day and Rush, just by being Rush, merits a spot on the list with his great monologues.

6) Newsmax: They’re another conservative news site that does a pretty good job of it although they’re a little more conventional and a little less cutting edge than WorldNetDaily.

5) WorldNetDaily: They do a lot of really fantastic ground breaking reporting from the right, which is something the country desperately needs. They’d be ranked higher, but they have a disturbing tendency to latch onto conspiracy theories and sketchy stories on occasion and that undercuts that phenomenal work they do otherwise.

4) National Review: These days, I actually enjoy the NR blogs more than the columns, but as you’d expect from the flagship conservative mag, NR does have some excellent columnists.

3) RealClearPolitics: This is the “go to” site for columns from across the net and the latest polling data.

2) Lucianne: This is the best news site on the internet. Period. Plus, Lucianne is a really friendly, personable lady — if your name isn’t Bill Clinton =D.

1) The Drudge Report: Drudge is fast, gets scoops no one else has, and anything that’s on the Drudge Report is a big story by virtue of being on the Drudge Report. That’s why I check Drudge more times per day than any other website that I don’t own.

PS: Since I write a column for Townhall, it didn’t seem fair to rate them. However, I do want to note that if I didn’t write for them, they’d do quite well on this list.

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