My Five Favorite Thoughts Of The Day For 2008

by John Hawkins | December 31, 2008 5:30 am

5) Thought Of The Day: Too Big To Fail?

The words “too big to fail” are often bandied about these days as an excuse to use billions more of our tax dollars to bail out yet another company. It seems to me that if a company is “too big to fail,” then perhaps it should be treated as a monopoly and broken up into smaller companies, none of which are “too big to fail.”

4) Thought Of The Day: The MSM Vs. The Blogosphere On The Edwards Story

Yesterday, a day when the Olympics began and Russia may have started a war with Georgia, the hot story of the day actually turned out to be John Edwards’ affair with Rielle Hunter.

If you’ve been reading the New York Times, Washington Post, and Chicago Tribune, you first heard about the John Edwards affair yesterday. On the other hand, if you read Right Wing News and the rest of the blogosphere, you first heard the name Rielle Hunter back in October of last year and then learned that Edwards had been caught at a hotel with her two weeks ago.

What’s wrong with that story?

If you know the answer to that question, you know a big part of the reason why the mainstream media’s audiences have been slowly but surely dwindling for the last few years.

3) Thought Of The Day: Bush Helped Pave The Way For Obama With His Appointments

It had been widely assumed, prior to the 2008 election cycle, that a black Democrat couldn’t win the presidency (Personally, I had always thought the first black President would be a Republican).

However, in retrospect, isn’t it likely that George Bush’s appointment of Colin Powell and Condi Rice to the Secretary of State position helped accustom the American people to the idea of having black Americans in the positions of high responsibility in the government?

In other words, without Colin Powell and Condi Rice paving the way for him, there wouldn’t have been a President Barack Obama.

It’s too bad that Bush, Colin Powell, and Condi Rice don’t get the credit they deserve for breaking new ground just because they’re Republicans

2) Conversation Snippet Of The Day: International Law
From an actual instant messenger conversation I had today,

Anonymous: …(I)t is my understanding that it violates international law…

John Hawkins: …International law is whatever the people with the most weapons and most will to use them say it is…

1) Thought Of The Day: Why The GOP Is In Trouble

The GOP is in trouble right now for one simple reason: too many Republicans in DC seem to be under the impression that it’s the job of conservative voters to fall in line with their beliefs and serve their needs instead of vice-versa.

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