NC man leaves 8 dogs without food & water, most starved to DEATH ‘trying to survive on wood they chewed from porch furniture’

by McGuire | February 14, 2015 1:13 pm

This horrible story will have you shaking your head and reaching for some tissues. One dog owner clearly has no sense of responsibility for the lives of his pets. Details[1]:


Cumberland County Sheriff’s Detectives are looking for a man who allegedly left eight dogs without food or water in his home for at least a month.

Detectives said six of the dogs were found dead in the sunroom of the home after trying to survive on wood that they chewed from porch furniture.

51-year-old Richard Walter of 3901 Bridgeview Drive, Fayetteville is being sought on eight counts of felony cruelty to animals.

On January 27, Walter’s neighbors contacted Animal Control after he allegedly left his home to visit his partner at Duke Medical Center in Durham.

Authorities said Walter never came back, leaving the animals to fend for themselves.

Look, I understand totally seeing a partner or loved one in the hospital. That is important. But to leave innocent animals to die, eating furniture for substance, with no food or water? Sick. Really, no one else could stop by and care for the pups? What do you think? Should Walters face animal cruelty charges? Sound off below!

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